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No I am not an insensitive person. But its funny! People all around me were participating in some march or the other but I dint feel like joining any coz I thought it was funny. Its funny how people are signing and spreading some online petition for death penalty. Its funny how people are holding candle light march. Its funny how people are changing their profile pics. Its funny how some women are putting status villifying each and every man for all men want to rape even if they dont try to. Its funny how men are expressing disgust and anger in their discussions. Its funny coz people just found something to take their anger and frustration out on something. Yeah its funny! Its funny coz I know where this is going to end up in a week. And I dont find that funny.

There was a time when I would be the 1st one to encourage candle light march. I was there last year in Anna's protest. And what did it come to? But then same things created some change in Middle East. So why not here? You …