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I've waited for none,
always walked alone.
To whom I'm known,
say my heart's a stone.

But something's changed,
and the change is in me.
You've become someone,
without whom I just can't be.

You are so far, yet feel so near. Don't want to cry, But can't stop that tear.
Want to reach out, and be so close. That nose meets nose, and toes touch toes.
Holding your hands,
closing my eyes.
I'm walking with you,
fearing goodbyes.

Time has come,
for you to leave.
Its just so hard,
I refuse to believe.

Can't we leave the world, and become a team? Create our own heaven, and live our own dream.
You accept my love, and be partner for life. I'll be forever yours, will you be my wife?
I give you the time,
I give you the choice.
To break my heart,
or fill it with joys.

Nothing else to hear,

A Pair of Eyes

A pair of eyes,
looking so free.
Giving a smile,
looking at me.

've not seen them before,
strangers they are.
Looking so beautiful,
each twinkling like star.
In broad daylight,
scene seems so true.
Want to befriend them,
not knowing what to do.
Magic's rising,
am losing control.
Cant stop my eyes,
let them go on a stroll.

A pair of eyes,
looking so free.
Giving a smile,
looking at me.

Returning the favor,
mine smile backs.
An empty expression,
friendship it packs.
We say nothing,
no words are spoken.
Silence stays,
its spell never broken.
Still we converse,
with blink of our eyes.
No words said,
so no truth, no lies.

A pair of eyes,
looking so free.
Giving a smile,
looking at me.

Only a few feet distance,
still seem so far away.
Too mesmerized to move,
just 've to stay.
A short journey,
breathing its last.
Those eyes are going,
its all becoming a past.
Know may never meet them,
forever they'll be gone.
'll keep looking for them,
whenever i feel lone.

A pair of eye…


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Everyday I go to a beach
and find the sea so calm
A sight so priceless
and costs no more than an alm

How can something be so moving
and still be so picture still
It has so many stories inside
and still it finds a space to fill

Its like the children playing here
They relish each moment even when they run
Infecting everyone with their hope and energy
They look so serene even when they have fun

I look away and see a man walking
probably to find peace before the bed
But his steps are brisk as if in hurry
probably matching the thoughts in his head

I want to share my most precious thing
which I will give to you free
Its my understanding of the life
which took my life's quarters three

Do your best in whatever you do
But in the present always be
Do not run on beach li…