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I wanna be a child again

I wanna be a child again
I wanna be so wild again

What that innocent child thinks
Those lovely smiles, those soothing winks

Is out of the cruel world's realms
Spreading his innocent charms

Knows no cheat, knows no lie
His laugh's true and so's the cry

Sees a stranger and waves a hey
Sees a plane and waves it goodbye

Sees a bird and wants to fly
Runs on ground but feels the sky

Plays a game and enjoys it all
Loves to dive and loves to fall

Hears the same stories again and again
But still he loves them all the same

Sings like no one's near
But wants everyone to hear

Dances like there's no one to see
Dances so wild, dances so free

Warn him and still he dares
About the result who cares

Knows how to enjoy moment each
How to live, he can teach

Learns from defeats, loves victories
Some sweet and some sweeter memories

So why grow up and be a man
I'll remain a child till i can

I wanna be a child again
 I wanna be so wild again


When I shared it all with you
I had laid open my heart
I knew I was risking an end of something great
But for something better which might start

On one side was a friend
whom I never wanted to lose
On other was my love
that I wanted to choose

Fear, anxiety, hope- I was feeling it all
Though I knew I was going to lose this game
But if later I realized we stood a chance
I knew it too I couldnt bear that blame

When you confirmed your NO
I wont say I dint feel any pain
But still I felt a load off my chest
That confession dint go in vain

I thought that together we would dream
And that dream would come true
I know that I still am someone’s dream
Its just that THAT someone might not be you

I knew I could ve tried a lot more
To change your mind, gone to any length
But that would only ve made me weaker
And love is supposed to be your strength

I had imagined the trips, the walks and the adventures
The love that would make you and me- WE
But more than in all those sweet nothings
That love I want actually lives in m…

Missing Friends

Its days like these
When I remember those times
The crazy things that we did
All ya my partners in crimes.

I remember going out for movies
And asking you not to be too loud
I used to hate missing the dialogues
And even more disturbing the crowd.

Even now I go to watch those movies
And those dialogues are so clear
But something bigger seems amiss
Those questions now is what I want to hear.

I remember taking the first row seats
So I could stretch as if in my bed
And finding the movies boring
I could just lie down and drop dead.

Now I buy the gold tickets
Its not as if it was some pretense
But I cant be that child now
Without you it just makes no sense.

Sitting now on a comfy chair
Having in my wallet my own card
I remember how we cursed our miseries
Sitting on that wooden chair so hard.

Watching the watches twice a second
Ignoring those lectures so bore
What I wont give right now
To attend one just once more.

I know we all still are connected
But still its not how I liked it to be
I know you are just one …

WHY do you need THE ONE?

After the previous blog, I had a discussion with another of my friends and his question was Why do you need THE ONE? Are you getting desperate? My reply was that it was only an answer to the question formed by the environment around me. But then there's no incident that happen by itself. There's always a thinking behind it. Maybe, just maybe, the society reiterating its point again and again of necessity of marriage made a small puncture through my defenses. And thanks to my friend, am back to square one.

Why do we need THE ONE? If you can be in love with yourself whole your life, if you can be independent enough to do whatever you like to, why is there a need for any other person. This need arises when you start feeling alone with yourself. You stop feeling good about yourself and need an external source to reaffirm your belief that you are a good person and are enjoying your life.
Now that thought is laughable. How does one lose his self belief to such an extent that he re…

How do you choose THE ONE

Listening to Woh Ladki hai Kahaan from Dil Chahta Hai while cycling, discussion with a friend(more like a question which I ignored and gave him some philosophical crap) and a random article... All this has made me actually consider this question. How would you decide who is the one? How would you know if there's some connection? How would you know if that connection is good enough to take you through all the bad times never allowing you to quit on that person?
I believe in making friends only. Only when I feel the connection, can that person graduate to being more than that. And it just happens with time without any reason. But I guess there are always some reasons. You just dont realize it. Otherwise every person you have known for some time would be THE ONE. But it isnt. And thus I thought some more.

So my instant reaction was a person sharing my interests. She should like going for trips, wrestle with me like my sister does, root for the social causes, have the same moral ethi…


Feeling so empty
Nothing to explain
Clouds around me
They refuse to rain

I see no movement
Everything's so still
I see nothing
Just a void to fill

A feeling so hanging
Can't see the reason
Have thought so hard
Brain accuses of treason

Voice of my heart
Though its so near
Still it seems so far
Am unable to hear

Nothing seems alive
Everything seems so dead
No life behind
No life ahead

Haze in my eyes
Nothing seems clear
Don't want to cry
But can't hold that tear

Someone be my angel
And lend me a hand
Help me to my feet
And make me stand

Just show me a vision
Just show me a ray
I'm ready to walk
I'll find my own way


When you feel sad and lonely
it shouts out so loud.
I'm always there beside you
'll never leave you alone in this crowd.
I'll be there with you always
in all your defeats and victories.
'll capture them all for you
as bitter or sweet memories.

When you miss someone too much
i'll start dripping as your tears.
Not to break you down
but to help you shed your fears.
Maybe that person ain't there,
but those moments are still in your mind.
Just take a trip down my lane
and those moments you'll find.

And when you meet again
but feel nothing is like before
I'll make you at ease again
and the discomfort would be no more.
People 'll think you are out of your mind
when i flash as a smile on your face.
Tell them it's just the opposite
you are in your mind but out of that place.

Be it the moments of your sadness,
be it the moments of your pleasure.
I'll save them all with me
'll keep them all as a treasure.
When you are busy with friends,
silently along with you, I'll gr…

Lost Love

When the breeze rushes past me
it whispers something in my ear.
Can't make out the words it says
but the voice I know too clear.

And along with that voice
it brings the scent I love so much.
And then it caresses my bare skin
and I remember that touch.

You said I don't feel anything
but baby thats not fair.
I feel you in everything
even in emptiness of the air.

I remember the day
when we had that fight.
You walked out on me forever
when I refused to accept I wasn't right.

But now that you are gone
I realize that I was wrong.
Please come back to me baby
I can no more pretend to be that strong.

Please return to me girl
I'll show you how I feel.
My heart is just a heart
its not made of steel.

Baby just forgive me for once
and give me just one more chance.
I've felt the way you said
I've felt the magic in romance.

Now I'll be all open with you
I'll never try to hide.
I'll let the moment knock me out
I'll let myself flow in this love ride.

I know that…


Sometimes in life you like it the most,
when a moment of insanity prevails.
Chaos is the need of the hour,
when everything organized fails.

Sometimes its better to let your life go full blast,
after shedding all its safety and failing all its brakes.
Sometimes you should bet everything you've,
without even knowing what are the stakes.

Sometimes you need to forget all your limits.
and the impossible you need to dare.
Sometimes such moments of madness you need,
cause U R STILL ALIVE they make you aware.

A Game called LIFE

Fed up with everything,
not knowing what to do.
Questioning the life,
she had no clue.

To teach her a lesson,
and give her a curse.
End it all,
what could be worse.

Found a gun,
and took the aim.
Leaving all behind,
finishing the game.

Pulled the trigger,
shot in my head.
What happened,
I should be dead.

What the hell,
why am i still here.
Checked the barrel,
no bullet there.

Questioning myself,
I returned to sense.
What was I doing
nearly crossed the fence.

Till the game's there,
I would love to play.
I can't quit now,
nor some other day.

I'll play this life,
won't cross that line.
And when its time to end,
the choice won't be mine.

Till that time,
I'll always smile never frown.
I'll play by my rules,
won't ever back down.

I'll make the moves,
I wanna make.
I'll take the turns,
I wanna take.

Enjoying the joys,
and pain the same.
Enjoying the life,
I'll win this game.


Some moments touch my heart
And i cant help but stare
Capture them through my eyes
All those moments so rare

Its all really such a wonder
How sometimes we all just gather
Enjoy the moments with the people
Whom we wont be seen with rather

Amazing are those events
That bring everyone so close
Together we celebrate them
Or fight the dangers they pose

We help those unknown
And befriend the strangers
We leave our comforts behind
To fight instead their dangers

Can see only darkness around
But still we pass on the hope
Cant find the grip for selves
But still we pass on the rope

The shy leave inhibitions behind
And forgiven are all the foes
Everyone becomes one big family
Through all those highs and lows

My eyes fill with tears
My heart fills with glee
For then in a crowd of homo sapiens
The real humans is what i see