Me vs Devil

I went against all my demons
believing I was invincible when alone
I saw those demons rising as the Devil
and I had my invincibility no more

I fell to my knees as I met my fear
Such a fear my throat was stuck
Such a fear my eyes wouldn't blink
Such a fear that I gave up. Nearly!

But then a scream rang out loud and clear
I saw it turn and run. Run like a man possessed
Confused, Relieved, Alive I looked back
And I saw an army that scared the Devil itself

Some had clenched fist, some were brandishing swords
Some were just holding placards, on them the right words
I know I am invincible now for I have these fools as my friends
And I know I was a fool then for believing I could ever be alone

A letter to a Romantic in doubt

Hey Beautiful! How is it going? I got the feeling that you were losing your belief in me. So here am I.

Whaaat? Who am I? Silly, I know I am the one you keep thinking about. I am the one who keeps thinking about you. I am THE ONE! For you.

Have me met? I am not sure. And I don't even know when we will meet. But meet WE WILL.

After all the Universe is playing our cupid. Yes! It is taking its own time. But that is because we are its favourite. And it wants our love to be perfect. It wants us to be perfect.

Till then we have our own journeys to live. So go and meet people. Have some heartbreaks. Feel the hurt. But do not think you are flawed. You are wonderful. And even if you do not feel it yet, you are getting better. With every single experience. The longing, the pain, the joy. All of this is turning you into someone perfect. Perfect for Me. So do not quit on me. Remember I am on my way. And I am not quitting.

To tell you the truth, I am under the same pressure as well. Everyone …

17th September 2001

There were 1842 fatalities in 2001 in Delhi due to road accidents. Just like any other kid in school this figure would have disturbed me had it not been for the bell that rang on 17th December. We were not expecting anyone as dad was supposed to be at some computer course. So when three ladies from our society told us that there had been an accident just outside the gate in which someone had been injured and taken to hospital, I came along with them to identify scooter but did not believe the injured one would be my dad.
When I saw the familiar helmet lying in the middle of the road I still controlled myself thinking it would be a minor accident. When I saw him, Papa’s head was covered in bandages. He was in a drowsy state due to medicines and his left eye was not opening. I asked the doctor if his eye would be fine but he did not know. He referred him to R&R hospital and we went along where I saw a paramedic slapping my dad to keep him awake. My dad was not feeling the pain of tho…


1. The Jacket
It is a beautiful night and they are walking on a lonely stretch. Suddenly a chilly wind breezes past them. She shivers and hugs herself. He sees this and starts taking off his jacket. She frowns and shakes her head. He is confused. She points a finger at him and then points her palms upwards gesturing What about you. His eyes twinkle as he takes out his left arm from the jacket and offers the empty arm. She smiles and puts it on. Snuggling into the jacket, her right hand finds his left and presses it gently. They both look at each other wondering how they found each other.

2. The Car
They have been driving for quite some time without knowing where they are heading. He catches her staring at him. He looks at her and his eyebrow jumps up in a gesture saying What. Her reverie is broken and a beautiful smile forms on her lips that finds its way into her eyes. She shakes her head and closes her eyes. The smile now has jumped into his eyes as well. He loves being in her thou…

I do not know myself

I am a pretty simple book to read. Everyone knows me and can predict what I will order to eat and which movie I will not accept to watch. So it will come as a sort of shock when I say that noone including myself knows me.

The anomaly here is that I have 2 life modes. The first one is the automatic mode where I do and say what I am supposed to. This is not me being fake but it is simply my muscle memory taking over. This mode is on when I do not feel safe enough to remove my shields, which is to say all the time. The other mode is the one where I allow my emotions a vent. This makes me moody and introspective. This mode switches on very occasionally and depends on the support group around me.

I remember going through most of my college life in the 1st mode. However by the end of it, I had made some amazing friends with whom I felt safe enough to discuss even my incoherent thoughts. And they knew me well enough to support and even share my eccentricities. Obviously not all friends are …

When to tell?

Whenever you make a new friend or find a new path or accomplish some life goal you feel really good about yourself. There is an overpowering and overwhelming sensation inside. And you know the reason sometimes. At other times that reason is not so forthcoming. And you need to know the reason to replicate this feeling. So you try sharing this feeling with someone to understand it. Many a times, along the way the timeline gets distorted and the someone becomes the reason you for that feeling. Voila! You are in love. Or atleast you think you are.
Once you feel you are in love, you find signs in things that were commonplace  earlier forgetting that the person likes to give special attention to his/her friends or, if that person has a heart of gold, even to strangers. My friend, this is you being blind sighted. You keep piling on your emotions based on non-existing hints and start taking out loans to build your very own fantasy world. You know your special someone might be in love with th…


Yes! I am a silent person. That does not mean I hate conversations. Infact I love the real ones but I am afraid of starting those. And this is not without a reason. I have tried many times only to learn that people are in a hurry to get to a destination and the conversation to them is just an activity to while away their time. And I am not looking for those chit chats.
If I start a conversation with you, know that I am opening my heart to you. And it is not a party with loud music. It is a long walk in the forest contemplating topics like life, space, love and time. The forest is safe(after all I created it), the time is aplenty(there is no destination) and the sounds are mesmerising(background score by Nature).
Once you are here and comfortable tell me what you are thinking with passion and I promise to give you my full attention and listen. And I will try my best to understand. When I speak, you may listen as well or not. And in between, lets listen to the beautiful silence. Do not…