Yes! I am a silent person. That does not mean I hate conversations. Infact I love the real ones but I am afraid of starting those. And this is not without a reason. I have tried many times only to learn that people are in a hurry to get to a destination and the conversation to them is just an activity to while away their time. And I am not looking for those chit chats.
If I start a conversation with you, know that I am opening my heart to you. And it is not a party with loud music. It is a long walk in the forest contemplating topics like life, space, love and time. The forest is safe(after all I created it), the time is aplenty(there is no destination) and the sounds are mesmerising(background score by Nature).
Once you are here and comfortable tell me what you are thinking with passion and I promise to give you my full attention and listen. And I will try my best to understand. When I speak, you may listen as well or not. And in between, lets listen to the beautiful silence. Do not try to fill it up with awkward words. If you do, the place vanishes, the spell is broken and I am silent again.


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