I remember the time
you used to look into my eyes.
Those moments stretched forever,
it all felt so nice.

Whenever my mood was off,
you always tried to make it fine.
The smile you held on your face
always found its way to mine.

Whenever you were in front of me,
my heart used to beat so fast.
It seemed like i would die of it
but i wanted this attack to last.

I always used to think
that we both felt the way same.
Kept waiting for those 3 words,
but they never ever came.

But then one day you told me
that you had fallen in love.
I could not stand my ground
thinking I was your dove.

I lost all control over my heart and my eyes,
told you to stop to catch my breath.
But then you took someone else's name,
it all felt like the grip of death.

I'll always love you forever,
'll not let our relation ever end.
If i can't be your love,
i'll always remain your true friend


I remember the moments
when we were so near.
Every day, every hour,
every moment was so dear.

We kept staring in each other's eyes
and there used to be no blinks.
We didn't like to use the words,
silently we talked through the winks.

I remember the time
when we used to walk together.
I felt no ground 'neath my feet,
used to float on clouds rather.

I'm so sorry girl,
I never heard the words in your voice.
I used to hear the songs not there,
am sorry girl but i had no choice.

I loved you so much,
and thought you did too.
I know now it was just a foggy illusion,
but then it all seemed so rosy and true.

And one day i told you i was in love,
but with tears in your eyes you said stop.
Can never see you crying,
another name was my only hope.

I then knew we could only be friends
and from my dream i was woken.
I knew those 3 words can never be spoken
or two hearts would forever be broken.

I won't say anything now,
i know this is the way it's supposed to end.
Trying to win you as my love
i can't forever lose a true friend.


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