Lost Love

When the breeze rushes past me
it whispers something in my ear.
Can't make out the words it says
but the voice I know too clear.

And along with that voice
it brings the scent I love so much.
And then it caresses my bare skin
and I remember that touch.

You said I don't feel anything
but baby thats not fair.
I feel you in everything
even in emptiness of the air.

I remember the day
when we had that fight.
You walked out on me forever
when I refused to accept I wasn't right.

But now that you are gone
I realize that I was wrong.
Please come back to me baby
I can no more pretend to be that strong.

Please return to me girl
I'll show you how I feel.
My heart is just a heart
its not made of steel.

Baby just forgive me for once
and give me just one more chance.
I've felt the way you said
I've felt the magic in romance.

Now I'll be all open with you
I'll never try to hide.
I'll let the moment knock me out
I'll let myself flow in this love ride.

I know that I hurt you too much
and now you won't come back ever.
But I refuse to see this light
I hope one day you'll come back forever.

I believe all this is just a dream
and I'll soon wake up from this nightmare.
I know it seems like just my illusion
but still I don't think I care.

This hope is what keeps me alive
and makes me forget you are gone.
I believe you'll be back someday
and then I'll never be alone.

Till then I'll live my life for you
I'll always keep moving ahead,
With this hope that someday
you'll be back from the dead.


  1. Loved it! Don't take it as a lame phrase many people write on blogs. I seriously loved it. Great work Nitin!

    1. Thanks Saru :) I liked ur blog as well. Btw do check out Boy and Girl as well. I posted it under Love and Relationships instead of poetry by mistake

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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